At the end of the day, I think I simply remain defiant, but that's a long story.

I constantly wonder is it best to simply be, to watch, to admire, but most of all to be, if I am truly made of star dust and this is that dusts only chance to experience itself, what would I like it to take from the experience. Is it enough? I can only do my best.

I like the wave thought, I once had similar the first line I love, I've never finished it, but one version went along those lines. Here's how I would write it right now (first sentence remains unchanged - second updated I talked of surfing the waves before but can't remember the words - these I may just)

Lying in my bed in search of slumber,

thoughts running through my head making slumber.

Tossed and turned as driftwood,

Becoming the sea.

So good talking/thinking with you - thank you.

analyst, strategist, activist, philosopher and poet — a guy, from England, dreaming of humanity.

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