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analyst, strategist, activist, philosopher and poet — a guy, from England, dreaming of humanity.

philosophy|human growth potential

Have you had time to think about how you came to your understanding of the world within which we live? What it was like coming into the world as a baby? How you accumulated knowledge as you grew up?

This journey is the focus of this article, particularly how we accumulate knowledge and the way we can bring it together to form a consistent view of the world, one that enables us to deal with whatever is thrown at us, fake news and all.

Nature vs Nurture

Debate rages amongst academics over how much knowledge is pre-programmed within our DNA, our genes; and…

free verse|a magnum opus of my thoughts and philosophy

An alternative index to many of my poems and thoughts — each of which is linked to the story I tell here.

There are days when I think I maybe losing the battle, a battle I have no desire to fight, not by life’s current rules: he who dares wins, I don’t care to win, I dare not pay that price, my soul.

Sanity has become my insanity, and I will continue to play, but I shall play by my own rules; in rebellion, a rebel without a cause.

The world I gaze upon, spins; making timeless circles in the sand. A kaleidoscope of insane beauty, wavelengths combined with such light handed brutality to create such a beautiful show, a shit show…

where do you draw the line?

In time we may regret our desire to eradicate viruses, even those as apparently deadly as Covid-19.


Human beings are far more than simply ‘human’. Our bodies consist of not just ‘human cells’, we play host to billions, trillions of micro organisms.

Indeed, these micro-organisms (bacteria and viruses) significantly outnumber ‘human’ cells, and we are only just beginning to quantify them, let alone understand what they do. And yet here we are, gripped by fear, in a global pandemic, and seemingly at war with Covid-19, without apparently a moments thought. Is this right? Should a virus have a right to life? And what are the consequences if not?

basic rights

The midst of a pandemic is probably not the…

fiction of sorts

Perhaps HG Wells had it right when he suggested that the choice we face in life is whether we devolve into the Eloi or the Morlock…but if so I believe his portrayal was flawed in one important detail.

In the literal sense I agree with Wells that humanity is in a sense evolving ore perhaps even devolving. I too humanity splitting in two to mirror the twin souls extant through the ages: The innocent, natural, and free spirited soul of the child; and, the dark and twisted soul of the cyborg we seem destined to become.

Where I differ with…


I think therefore I am, a thought that fascinates me. A thought that seems so right and yet also so wrong

Who am I to question the reasoning of a man long since dead?

Rene Decartes was a leading light of his time, a great mathematician and thinker. His contribution to the field of mathematics is arguably more significant and yet he is probably best known for the phrase “I think therefore I am” — the culmination of a string of reason and logic argued to be the proof of God.

Mathematical reductionist thinking, which some explain further by adding a little more clarity to begin the phrase by adding doubt — because I have doubt, I think therefore I am.

blog post

how can I be depressed about the desire to save so many lives

Depression is not something I’m deeply familiar with because I accept life for what it is. I do what I want to do when I can and I do what I have to do when I have to do it.

One of the things I like to do is observe the world and to think about what I see. A habit that often leads to a depressing a thought, balanced in the main by thoughts of joy and thoughts that I simply find interesting to pursue.

Anyway to the point of this short piece, one such recent thought prompted by…


We seem to be living in an age of increasing extremities, whether it be wealth, health or politics. We’ve lost all sense of the subtly and nuance.; if we ever truly had it.

Today’s society, perhaps demonstrated best in the criminal justice system, sees the world increasingly through a series of binary choices — left or right, guilty or not guilty with hardly a shade of grey in sight and even worse than that, life is becoming increasingly politicised.

Perhaps it should be no surprise that we have gone this way, considering we now live in the digital age, and…

the merits of business, big and small

the goal of big business today cuts so much deeper than driving year on year profit growth; they do so by driving addiction, dependency and obsession

Eureka, I think I’ve just said it all. The perfect Tweet.

But I haven’t of course, the true picture is so much more complicated than that, too complicated for a single article even.

Big business and industry are as much a product of our times as we are, although they do give a more condensed view of where we’ve come from, and where we’re heading.

So for those who’ve got the time and who’d like to engage a little more with the thought let me continue by asking you a simple question:

Have you noticed how people employed in industry…

Matthew Bottomley

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