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analyst, strategist, activist, philosopher and poet — a guy, from England, dreaming of humanity.

philosophy|human growth potential

Have you had time to think about how you came to your understanding of the world within which we live? What it was like coming into the world as a baby? How you accumulated knowledge as you grew up?

This journey is the focus of this article, particularly how we…

free verse|a magnum opus of my thoughts and philosophy

An alternative index to many of my poems and thoughts — each of which is linked to the story I tell here.

There are days when I think I maybe losing the battle, a battle I have no desire to fight, not by life’s current rules: he who dares wins, I don’t care to win, I dare not pay that price, my soul.

Sanity has become my insanity, and I will continue…

where do you draw the line?

In time we may regret our desire to eradicate viruses, even those as apparently deadly as Covid-19.


Human beings are far more than simply ‘human’. Our bodies consist of not just ‘human cells’, we play host to billions, trillions of micro organisms.

Indeed, these micro-organisms (bacteria and viruses) significantly outnumber ‘human’ cells, and we are only just beginning to quantify them, let alone understand what they do…

poetry of sorts

through the raging storm
in the eye
a human sigh
whispering on the wind
unheard by all
above the braying mob
by all
but you

such a sigh
the question, of you
the listener
God, or something
simply human


Photo by Andrej Nihil on Unsplash

Matthew Bottomley

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