analyst, strategist, activist, philosopher and poet — a guy, from England, dreaming of humanity.

free verse|a magnum opus of my thoughts and philosophy

An alternative index to many of my poems and thoughts — each of which is linked to the story I tell here.

There are days when I think I maybe losing the battle, a battle I have no desire to fight, not by life’s current rules: he who dares wins, I don’t care to win, I dare not pay that price, my soul.

Sanity has become my insanity, and I will continue…

where do you draw the line?

In time we may regret our desire to eradicate viruses, even those as apparently deadly as Covid-19.


Human beings are far more than simply ‘human’. Our bodies consist of not just ‘human cells’, we play host to billions, trillions of micro organisms.

Indeed, these micro-organisms (bacteria and viruses) significantly outnumber ‘human’ cells, and we are only just beginning to quantify them, let alone understand what they do…

Matthew Bottomley

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